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CT Series FRP Round Cooling Tower

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Tyrone CT series cooling water tower is designed with 3 models, which are standard type, low noise type and ultra low noise type.

Each model has dozens of specifications, which can meet the requirements of customers with different water tower volumes and different uses.

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LT series product design performance parameters:

According to the provisions of gb7190.1-1997: the design wet bulb temperature of the standard cooling water tower is 28 ℃

Generally speaking, the cooling water tower designed according to the wet bulb temperature of 27 ℃ can be used normally in the northern region with good ventilation and no other special environment and microclimate.

However, the feedback information collected from the cooling water tower operation effect collected for many years shows that in some humid and hot climate conditions in some southern regions or in buildings with poor ventilation and easy to form a microclimate with high temperature environment, cooling water towers designed with a wet bulb of 28 ℃ Shows its excellent heat dissipation effect and extraordinary resilience, bringing peace of mind to project designers, installers and users.

Tyrone CT series cooling water tower is to decide the temperature of 28 ℃ as the design condition in constantly summing up experience and perfecting the technology of the water tower to ensure the high quality of the water tower.

CT series standard, low noise, ultra low noise design conditions:

Inlet water temperature :37℃         Outlet water temperature : 32℃

Wet bulb temperature:28℃        Dry bulb temperature:31.8℃  

Performance introduction of CT series cooling tower:

1. Overall effects:

Cooling tower theory is a systematic subject with strong comprehensiveness and high experimentation.

he company's scientific and technical personnel have comprehensively processed the test data on the basis of many years of thermal test tests on the cooling tower. A computer has obtained (35 * 20-75º) the trapezoidal wave water bulk volume bulk coefficient Bxv. Select Optimum gas-water ratio, optimal cross-section water load, cross-section air load, and height range of high packing efficiency to determine the volume of the packing, and comprehensively design the shape and structure of the tower from the perspective of fluid dynamics.

According to the test, the ventilation resistance is estimated, and the reference curve of the fan is optimized to select the test data. The fan and the matched motor that meet the air volume requirements and meet the noise standard make the cooling efficiency, energy consumption, noise, and appearance achieve an optimized system effect.

2. Structure features

1) CT series fillers are made of modified PVC (polyvinyl chloride) flat sheet through hot rolling into trapezoidal corrugated type (advantages: increased heat dissipation area, better distribution of water flow on the surface of the board, and water and air flow through the board The disturbance is increased) to increase the heat exchange strength between water and air in the water-filling filler. The cooling effect of water depends largely on the heat-filling performance of the water-filling filler. This is the advantage of the trapezoidal wave water-filling filler.

2) Fan performance: The CT series uses a low-speed space-distorted forward-tilt fan (advantages: the fan can change the blade installation angle to adjust the air volume and wind pressure to achieve energy saving effects when the season changes). The designed fan can be used in various environments. Ensure that air volume, wind pressure, noise and drifting levels and operating performance meet technical requirements

3) The blades are well balanced and the balance accuracy reaches ISO-2.5.

3.Performance of water distribution part:

The function of the water distribution system is to evenly splash hot water on the entire filling.

The performance of water distribution will directly affect the uniformity of air distribution and the ability of the filler to play a cooling role.

Tyrone CT series cooling tower adopts rotating tube type water distributor, which uses the reaction force of water spraying from the water distribution orifice on the shower throat to push the water distribution pipe to rotate, so that the surface of the water-filling filler can be rotated and evenly distributed. Low water supply pressure, energy saving; good uniformity of water distribution).

4.Tower structure and performance:

Tyrone water tower body is made of high-quality glass fiber reinforced plastic material, and its surface gel coat is made of imported raw materials. The color is bright, the color is uniform, it is not easy to fade, and it is resistant to aging. All steel structures are hot-dip galvanized.

A large number of injection-molded components are used, which are corrosion resistant, high strength, light weight, good versatility, and easy to assemble.

Tyrone design of the CT series cooling water tower successfully controls the drifting problem, and the drifting loss is less than 0.001%. The measures are:

1. Try to use a low-speed fan to avoid excessive water mist being taken into the air;

2. Water-proof sleeves are installed on the water distribution pipe to collect splashing water drops;

3. Using the chassis is greater than the diameter of the housing design, and PVC with the air one hundred, to prevent water from splashing outside the tower;

Low-noise control principle: reduce the noise of the sound source, use a fully enclosed self-cooled low-noise cooling tower dedicated motor, this motor has good waterproof performance and low noise, which can meet the special requirements of the cooling tower on the motor.