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piece crusher
​ Flake Crusher CT Series FRP Round Cooling Tower
flat crusher
Flat Crusher
Plate crusher
plates crusher
pipe crusher
Box and barrel crusher
film crusher
Film crusher
vertical hydraulic baler)Single cylinder
Vertical hydraulic baler
vertical hydraulic baler) double cylinder
Company Profile
─Company Profile

Thailand Tailong Plastics Mechanical Co., Ltd., whose headquarter is located in Samut Prakan, the suburb of Bangkok. It is an international trade company with over 20 years of experience. 

The company focuses on the manufacture and trade of plastics machines and provides quality package services. The company is rooted in Thailand, but at the same time it explores markets in Southeast Asia, Europe and America. It has employed high-end technological groups to open factories and companies in China (Guangzhou, Dongguan and other cities) so as to develop into a company that has combined manufacture, sales and trade to provide better service to customers all around the world.